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Robbie W. said:   July 30, 2015 7:57 am PST
I have enjoyed being in the sun my entire life but the exposure has resulted in deep wrinkles and sun spots. After trying many different treatments and spending thousands of dollars, I was convinced that nothing would work. Then I saw a Groupon for Pure Skin and after meeting Yoli, thought I would try her treatment. I am so happy I did. After just the first Dermasonic treatment, my skin looked softer and smoother and continued to improve with each visit. Yoli suggested a peal last winter and the results are amazing. Yoli and her staff really want to help you feel and look your best. Pure Skin also sells the tools and products so you can do the treatments at home. That is also a tremendous cost savings. I wholeheartedly recommend Pure Skin to anyone who wants to improve the health and look of their skin with natural products and non evasive procedures. Pure Skin has made a difference in the way I feel about myself and I am grateful!

Rosae said:   July 26, 2015 1:04 pm PST
My boyfriend originally purchased a series of three treatments and after the first treatment, I knew I had to purchase more. Not only did I purchased more, my boyfriend noticed the difference in skin and he also purchase a series of six sessions (twice). Lisa has been our main person. She is great and highly recommend her and the products.

Debra Ryder said:   February 17, 2014 10:07 am PST
I originally purchased 3 treatments for the Bio-Ultimate Face Lift and also purchased 3 of her 'light' treatments as well. After hearing comments from others out how wonderful my skin looked, and noticing amazing results myself, I purchased 3 with the "light" treatments again!! You wouldn't believe all the compliments I get! This definitely is worth the time and they are offering great package deals, so its more than worth the money invested for sure!!! GO FOR IT! YOU'LL LOVE THE RESULTS!!

monique leimel said:   December 3, 2012 9:32 am PST
I've stumbled into Johanna's spa 12 years ago, accompanied by my first born son who was only about 6 mos old. After more than a decade of her incredible biochem peels, organic products and oils, and the newest dermEsonic treatments, all my friends and family would testify that I've only gone back in time. My skin was a fright when i first started with Johanna...acne, large pores, excess oil on the tzone, not to mention sun damage from being a beach girl my whole life. All of that is a thing of the past. I'm now 46 years old, but am told i look 15 years younger. I hardly ever wear makeup and i get compliments on my skin everywhere i go...i owe it all to this amazing woman who truly is an authority on skin care cell rejuvenation and has such superior knowledge of the human body. Her organic skin care products are second to none, and her holistic approach to healthy skin is very rare in today's market. I see Johanna 3 to 4 times a month, and my skin has never looked better. A large number of my friends and family come to see her now, all experiencing the same results...wonderful, youthful skin that only keeps getting better with age! Thank You Johanna for the greatest gift that keeps on giving...young, tight, radiant looking skin!

lynnie24@gmail.com said:   March 11, 2012 6:24 pm PST
I bought Yoie's LivingSocial deal in January 2012. I had previously had 4 sessions of Fraxel laser to reduce old acne scars - well, it didn't work, was painful and traumatic! I am 58 years old and am competing with 20 year olds for employment! I want to look my best! After reading and hearing what she does, I signed up! After my first treatment, I could feel it working! I have just had my 7th treatment and my scars are REALLY disappearing! PLUS my face looks skinnier! Yoie says my skin is toned!! Yay! Yoie is completly passionate about what she does, personable, compassionate and someone you want to go to!!! So go!

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