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Cynthia Ryder said:   March 11, 2012 11:32 am PST
I am a skeptic of spa services and treatment programs as most lack personal attention and detailed execution. Johanna's business is customer service oriented and is very different from the typical spa on every corner in Orange County. Her treatment plan revolves around your needs and she takes the time to ensure a positive end result. The DerMEsonic treatment has toned my skin and enhanced the texture to a lovely result. Her skin nutrient product is something I will always have in my personal inventory for skin care health and beauty. I highly recommend this spa for skin fitness and maintenance.

Barbara Brunson said:   December 23, 2011 8:55 am PST
I have been working with Johanna well over five years now. I have grown up in California and have spent a lot of time in the sun and at the beach. She introduced me to her peels and her products and even after the first peel - I noticed a difference with my skin. I get lots of compliments on my skin and people tell me that I don't look my age - I feel I owe this compliment to Johanna and her products and procedures... they keep your skin looking great! THANK YOU JOHANNA!

Marisa Ortega said:   November 17, 2011 11:44 am PST
Words cannot express how I feel about Johanna and what she has done for me. I would have to admit that I'm as big a skeptic as they come. And when my friend told me about Johanna, insisting she could help repair the damage five (5) photo facials caused, I had little to no hope anything could be done. But finally, and clinging to the last bit of hope I had left, I tagged along with my friend who had an appointment to see her. Johanna could notably see how emotionally affected I was by the melasma that had appeared all over my face (due to the photo facials) as I explained to her what brought me to her that day. Johanna was sympathetic but reassuring that she could help. Deciding to give it one last ditch effort, I signed up with Johanna and had my first treatment, and also purchased products from her as well. Within the first week of using her products, I personally noticed a significant difference in my skin, that had a kinda glow to it. Even my co-workers noticed and commented on how good my skin looked. I only have two more chemical peels to go and people can't stop complimenting my skin and it's progress. My family and friends personally know how hard it was for me to deal with the melasma (and how bad it was), so to hear them compliment my face practically EVERY TIME they see me, I thank God for Johanna. Not only has she improved the look and feel of my skin but she also helped give back the self confidence I had briefly lost when I felt the damage was irreparable. Thanks again, Johanna!

Karen Porterfield said:   May 26, 2010 7:12 pm PST
Yoie helped me out after a laser surgery tha actually went too deep. she helped to get my skin back in order very quickly. Her techniques and products have minimized my pores, which was why had the laser in the first place. I wish I had consulted her first. She is the best and is so perosnable with all of her clients. She is a true friend and very competent in her field. thank you Yoie!

Mary Ann Remer said:   May 18, 2010 10:36 am PST
I am in my 50's and had lived in Hawaii for many years worshipping the sun since very young. You can imagine! But you really can't as I am constantly complimented on my skin ever since Yohanna's skin regimes started 3 years ago. I work in the spa industry and am exposed to upscale skin care products constantly, however, Yohanna's skin line not only feels more moisturizing but produces results that are undeniable. In December I had a TCA peel ELSEWHERE that reduced dark blotches by 30 % and left my skin texture like thin paper, extremely dry and horribly hypersensitive. My first DERMESONIC treatment by Yohanna brought my skin back to dewy fabulous and reduced dark spots by 95%. Skin is visibly tighter and wrinkles unmistakably reduced. I had NO RECOURSE before with skin so sensitive! I am ecstatic with my skin again... no down time and instant results!! Thank you Yohanna !

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